Cina in cucina

Cina, vado ciao, Loredana de Michelis
There are so many aspects of life in China to share and talk about. If you're a traveler, you must go. While doing shows up North in a tiny historic village called Pingyao, which looks and feels like something out of a Sergio Leone Western movie (Chinese style), I copied some of these food offerings off restaurant menus there.
Here goes:
- Grasping the Donkey
- Pulling Rotten Son
- Bald Salad Bowl
- Colorful Hunting Ears
- Bubble You Gao
- Cook Pimple and, well.....
- Clear Cooks The Bull's Penis

Bon Apetit!
You're on your own because I lacked the courage to even ask what they were.

© Nicholas Ostis
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